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MvR Digital Workforce helps organizations create, further develop and maintain digital assistants

From Pilot to Center of Excellence

Data-driven working with RPA

The golden combination of RPA and AI

NLP as an enrichment of RPA

Our Academy for RPA, AI and DATA

Our approach

MvR Digital Workforce supports organizations in digitally transforming their employees, working methods and processes. We emphasize the collaboration between people and digital assistants and the implementation of a way of working that is the basis for implementing, using and scaling RPA in organizations.


Digital solutions with an eye for people

We listen to what the customer needs and design a tailor-made digital strategy and solutions that permanently solve a problem or support existing processes. We advise starting customers with an advice, pilot or assessment of RPA suitability of a first process.

We are ahead;

RPA experts with a passion for innovation and technology
A way of working that suits you as a customer
A strategic vision on working with digital employees
Familiar with the practical application of, among others. RPA, AI, Process Mining and no-code low-code

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