Robotizing processes at the City of Amsterdam

Within the HRM domain, the City of Amsterdam is fully engaged in robotizing its processes. Two years ago, the City of Amsterdam started a pilot, and the added value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was quickly noticed.

Robotizing processes at the City of Amsterdam

Based on an initial assessment framework, various promising processes in the HRM domain were retrieved, including applying for VOG certificates for new (temporary) employees. A process that must always be carried out, and preferably quickly, because this can influence the starting moment of a new employee. But also scheduling absenteeism appointments is performed by digital assistants. A process that is especially error-prone, not too large, but always has priority. In addition to this process, digital assistants support the process of hiring external parties, creating absenteeism letters and registering overtime.

All these processes lend themselves perfectly to the deployment of a digital employee, because the value-adding role of people is nil in these processes. After all, the procedures are fixed and predictable, the number of exceptions is extremely small and from a business and process optimization perspective, you would like to see that they are always and immediately carried out without the need for people. The City of Amsterdam initially chose to outsource the robotization of processes by RPA implementation partners in order to acquire more knowledge quickly and in-house. Several of their own employees are now being trained, supervised by MvR Digital Workforce, in UiPath. In addition, we guide internal RPA Developers of the City of Amsterdam in creating and maintaining their first digital employees. The further development of an own ‘way of working’ is part of the process from the start.

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