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MvR Digital Workforce advises and guides organizations in their digital transformation, with a focus on employees, methodologies and processes. We emphasize the synergy between human employees and their digital assistants and encourage the introduction of a working method that is important for the introduction, application and large-scale implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the organization.

We like to listen to the specific needs of our customers and design tailor-made digital strategies and solutions for them, which solve bottlenecks or strengthen existing processes. For customers new to RPA, we offer advice and pilots and assess the suitability of processes for applying RPA (and AI). For customers who already have experience with RPA, we offer the experience of our RPA Consultants and help customers secure knowledge and train their own employees in RPA (and AI) and roles such as RPA Developer and RPA Product Owner.

With the new technologies that we have at our disposal within Hyperautomation, such as Document Understanding, Advanced Data Analytics, Process & Task Mining and AI, we make our digital employees smarter, faster and more efficient. This allows our digital employees to better advise people when making decisions and add quality and speed to process automation.

In this way we support our customers

From Pilot to Center of Excellence

Growth from a starting RPA organization to your own RPA factory.

Data-driven working with RPA

How do RPA and DATA complement each other?

The golden combination of RPA and AI

Introduce AI into your organization and into all your new or existing RPA processes

NLP as an enrichment of RPA

The use of RPA combined with text analysis

Academy for RPA, AI and DATA

Learn all about the possibilities of our Academy

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