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Training in-house employees on Robotic Process Automation is an important part of scaling up projects. The digital workforce will have a major impact on the work of your employees. Even if you decide to outsource building and management entirely. Digital assistants need attention and supervision, and functional management and testing always remain part of the client work process. MvR Digital Workforce always makes training and education part of implementation projects. To create support, it is important to understand what digital assistants and employees can do.

With our training courses, we help organizations fill their training and education needs. Here you can think of:

  • Inspiration and knowledge sessions on RPA and Artificial Intelligence in the organization for all levels, from executive staff to strategic sessions for management.
  • Workshops and coaching RPA that will help you earn UiPath certifications in the RPA Business Analyst, RPA Developer and RPA Productowner roles. These are always customized courses where you are guided to the exam at the pace of your choice.
  • On the job training RPA, during the execution of one or more pilot projects we provide on the job training and instruction to your colleagues who are intended RPA Business Analyst, RPA Developer or RPA Productowner.
  • RPA Traineeship. Together, we recruit a new colleague who will be educated and trained by us over 12 to 24 months as an RPA Developer (12 months) or RPA Consultant (24 months). The RPA trainee joins you after this secondment period without further acquisition costs.
  • Training Microsoft Power Automate at three levels: basic, advanced and expert. How to put Power Automate into practice yourself, as an introduction to RPA and tailor-made if desired. The trainings cover the world of Intelligent Process Automation, how Power Automate works and how it helps an organization. In addition to theory and a demonstration, the necessary exercises will of course be offered.

Some of our trainings also come as open enrollment. We partner with Incompanybrain. For more information send us an email:

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