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MVR Digital Workforce

MvR Digital Workforce helps organizations determine and roll out their digital strategy. We specialize in process automation and the development and deployment of digital assistants. We do this with practical applications of RPA & AI, but with new technology such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Advanced Data Analytics. With these digital assistants you can make your organization agile, have processes handled independently of people and bring back job satisfaction where administrative and repetitive actions are common.

We advise, develop, manage and deliver ready-made digital assistants and employees as a service. But through our “pilot to Center of Excellence” process, we help your organization to embed RPA in the organization, we ensure support and train employees in their new role as RPA User, RPA Developer, RPA Business Analyst or RPA Product Owner. During the scale-up, we also pay attention to stakeholder management, the inclusion of RPA in IT and IV policy and the business case. And a way of working that suits the client.

Our experts combine passion for technology with innovation and customer focus and are trained as RPA Developers, but also have IT, Process and Consultancy skills, so that they can work as a linking pin between Business and IT and really make a difference.

Common digital


HRM assistant

Within Human Resource Management, RPA has many tasks such as carrying out the inflow-throughflow-outflow process (IDU), applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct, creating employment contracts and other administrative activities.

Finance assistant

RPA has all kinds of financial applications such as creating new suppliers and new customers, carrying out direct debits and processing incoming and outgoing invoices.

Migration assistant

When a controlled migration of systems needs to take place where data also needs to be checked, deleted or added, RPA is a perfect means to carry out this migration.

There are currently more than 200 digital assistants active for all types of organizations in more than 100 different systems.
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