From pilot to Center of Excellence


A phase for every ambition.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a low-code solution that is widely applicable and can be learned by anyone with a little programming interest. This makes RPA applicable in many places in the organization, even by employees without IT training. It is therefore relatively easy to train your own people and manage and create new solutions in-house.

We offer a pilot towards a Center of Excellence approach for organizations that have the ambition to widely deploy RPA and to turn the dials themselves. The focus is on learning and coaching your employees at every step of the work. In this way, they learn to retrieve processes and assess them for RPA suitability. We often see information managers, business process managers and functional application managers who take on this role of RPA Business Analyst.

You can then watch how we describe a process in a functional design and how we build a digital workforce. But you can also have your own RPA developers in training participate in the construction, testing, go-live and management of the digital assistants. We first demonstrate it step by step, then we do it together and ultimately we mainly help with senior review and questions. But you can also hire an RPA trainee from us, who we will recruit and train for you and who will then be employed by you. In this difficult labor market, a quick way to recruit and retain young talent.

Learning on the job is a very contemporary method of working that fits well with the agile approach that we often use when implementing RPA. We apply this method for the roles RPA Business Analyst, RPA Developer and RPA Product Owner. With these three roles you will be able to become completely independent in creating and managing digital employees over a period of 12 to 24 months. In this way we help you to give RPA a permanent place in the organization and to secure it sustainably.

To make the business more responsible for its own process optimization (and reduce the demand on IT), an approach from pilot to Center of Excellence is the way to promote the digital transition in your own organization in a pleasant and feasible way. And for directors and management it is a way to make the organization more agile and less dependent on external (system) suppliers.

‘We had a plan to go from pilot to CoE in two years and be completely independent. We achieved that. We thought that with approximately 20 processes we had robotized all promising RPA processes. That appears not to be the case. There is still so much possible with RPA that we have decided to expand our RPA Develop capacity. We are looking at the next step, using other technology, but it may take another year before we really start the next phase.’

Danny van Zoen - North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service


The strategy from Pilot to Center of Excellence is successfully applied by many of our customers.

Examples of this are:

  • Municipality of Amsterdam
  • SED Organization
  • North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service
  • Various companies*

Would you like to learn from these organizations? We would be happy to put you in touch.

*unfortunately we cannot mention the names due to competitive positions.