Radboud UMC opts for a Vecozo assistant

Like any other hospital, Radboud UMC has many supportive care processes. The administrative burden involved is considerable. A large number of messages go back and forth, and important information has to be exchanged. Vecozo is used for this process. Vecozo is a portal for digital message exchange in healthcare. It is intended for care providers, health insurers, care offices, municipalities and other chain parties that are involved.

A Vecozo assistant

In this portal, the care provider can retrieve data that are relevant to clients in its own environment. Until recently, employees who wanted to make use of these relevant documents had to log in manually to the Vecozo portal and retrieve all the desired files. This was tedious and time-consuming work, with little added value.

How does the Vecozo assistant work?

That has now changed with the Vecozo assistant. Radboud UMC now has its own digital assistant that takes care of all the necessary message exchange with Vecozo, including all files linked to it. This frequently occurring process no longer has to be executed by humans, but is completely taken off their hands. The assistant logs in to the Vecozo website, downloads all declarations for which the return files have not yet been downloaded and then places them in the correct local folders so that they can be processed further. As a result, the employee no longer loses unnecessary time, and all documents are continuously up-to-date. With over 200 documents every day, this results in over three hours a day that the employee can now spend on other matters.

Revival of RPA

This digital assistant is the start of a nice revival of RPA within the organization. For example, various assistants are available for HR processes and there are also countless examples within the financial domain. RPA is therefore making progress within the healthcare domain. The main reason for this is to relieve people who want to deal with care as completely as possible from the administrative pressure that comes with it.

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