The use of AI in your organization

By: Angela Capo on 16 January 2024

The use of AI is a very much discussed topic. What is possible with AI? Can you avoid it? How to operate safely with AI within your organization? We have developed a 4-hour inspiration session for professionals who want to understand what AI really means for their strategy and business operations. No flat promo of ChatGPT or other tooling, but diving deep into the topic to understand what it is all about. And of course the opportunity to talk to our consultant and specialist Kai Bergin and ask many questions about every single aspect of AI.
A mandatory session for every CEO, CIO, CFO and Director of Operations who understands that AI will fundamentally change our world and wants to be informed about the underlying trends in order to set policy in the organization at a strategic level.

A 4 hour AI workshop with:✔️ The basics of AI – what’s a neural network, how does a machine even learn? And What’s a language model?✔️ Teams working through a series of progressively intensifying AI ethics dillemas.✔️ Roleplaying a management team, making the tough decisions about AI in 2024.✔️ Prompting skills, how to make ChatGPT write in your own style and with your own tone of voice, best practices and presentations. Plus looking at specific AI tools like Consensus and Perplexity.And doing all of this in an open and collaborative setting, sans long monologues and empty talks. Interested in this workshop? Email directly Frank Mester:

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