Large Language Models

The combination of Microsoft Azure AI Services, Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT and integration with OpenAI, offers significant opportunities for organizations. This combination brings together the power of advanced AI models and the scalability and security of the Azure cloud, enabling companies to quickly innovate and compete in today’s digital age.


With the power of Azure Cognitive Services and the integration with OpenAI, organizations can build advanced assistants trained on the organization’s own specific data sets. These assistants can be used to serve specific target groups, such as customers or employees, with highly relevant and specific answers.

We have now created AI assistants that help RPA Developers to build digital assistants with UiPath and MS Power Apps according to best practice. But also an AI assistant who knows everything about the implementation of a new SAP S4/HANA system and thus helps people quickly get started in a dialogue and spare the helpdesk in answering questions.

Azure Cognitive Services also makes it possible to integrate visual recognition into existing processes. For example, a logistics company can implement AI-powered image recognition technology to automate the loading and unloading of trucks. By taking photos of the cargo and analyzing them with Azure AI Vision, the system can automatically determine how to organize the cargo most efficiently, leading to faster turnaround times and fewer errors.

In summary, by combining the power of Azure AI Services and LLMs with the reliability and scalability of Azure, organizations can implement AI in a secure and responsible manner. They can innovate quickly, create better customer experiences, and discover new insights, and scale with ease, keeping them competitive in a rapidly changing digital world.

We have set up Azure AI Services for various customers for the use of new applications and put them into production as a pilot. We provide the architecture and design knowledge that is required, but we also pay attention to carrying out the pilots safely and in accordance with the principles of good governance. We measure the results (including costs and sustainability) and help customers draw up and introduce a way-of-working.

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