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At MvR Digital Workforce we know how hard it can be sometimes, to manually insert and handle an invoice in an ERP-application (such as Oracle, SAP or MS Dynamics). Or to create a new supplier or customer. Not to mention the steps you need to take to create a new user or test the entire system – again – after an update.

We are also well aware a lot of people still work with Excel or Access. Which means your employees lose a lot of time entering data manually. And making reports manually.

These activities don’t contribute to an improved quality within your organization. They simply add to the workload, with obvious consequences.

So, how can we help?
Our cloud platform is able to supply digital assistants for most ERP-applications. These digital assistants are ready for use and capable of handling all common processes within Manufacturing & Supply Chain companies.

Our digital assistants are active in a number of organizations throughout the world. Among their tasks:

  • Creating relations (suppliers, customers)
  • Matching and booking invoices
  • Handling ledger transactions
  • Creating and maintaining items or products
  • Updating pricelists
  • Creating sales orders
  • Documenting shipping papers
  • Planning and creating work orders
  • Processing RMA shipments (returns)
  • Creating and maintaining projects
  • Running test scrips (after an update or change)

Do you recognize these manual, repetitive processes? And are you interested in having your own digital assistant? Our digital assistants are scalable and flexible, reliable and trustworthy. They run on an ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified platform and come at a fixed and attractive monthly rate or on your own UiPath software.

Want to know more? Contact Marcel Dekker, team Digital Assistant | Cloud
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