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Wanted! A skilled RPA-developer

Wanted! A skilled RPA-developer

Implementing RPA requires knowledge and expertise. These skills can be found at MvR Digital Workforce. A number of companies however, choose to train their own employees or to hire an RPA developer themselves. At MvR Digital Workforce we know there’s a shortage of well-trained UiPath RPA developers. We therefore started our own RPA traineeship.

Sounds good? Here’s an interesting example of how this works. After 2 RPA pilots, the Omgevingsdienst NZKG (North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service) decided to scale up using their own people. They trained 2 business analysts who became the outposts in the business. They are able to retrieve processes, assess them for RPA suitability and make a PDD of them (design). Additionally, a functional manager has started a training at the UiPath Academy to become an RPA developer. Note on the side, this training is for free.

To accelerate this process, they chose to hire an extra RPA developer from our own RPA trainee program. On behalf of the organization, we recruited and trained someone to become a UiPath Developer. After 5 weeks of training this person was ready to go straight to work. Within about 3 months Omgevingsdienst NZKG had its own RPA Developer who subsequently gets trained for another year in process knowledge, UiPath-skills and building digital employees. And as a result, this developer will get an employment contract.

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It consists of the following building blocks:

  • Tailor-made recruitment
  • Certification to UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer
  • Agile/Scrum project management
  • Personal leadership training
  • Monthly support by a senior RPA consultant
  • Intervision sessions concerning all UiPath ‘ins and outs’

After certification an RPA developer immediately starts working independently. There is added value from day 1 due to the support and backup of MvR Digital Workforce during the process. By offering this training we can help a lot of our customers to handle the prevailing scarcity in RPA expertise. Our customers are now able to secure knowledge within their own organization and always have access to the latest expertise and experiences concerning UiPath. And most importantly, our customers no longer need to select their professionals based solely upon their expertise and experience. They now can recruit them based upon character and match with the organization, which creates a perfect basis for a sustainable working relationship.

The result is wonderful. More and more of our customers have set up their own Center of Excellence, filled with professionals who have mastered the latest expertise and experience of UiPath. Some even come back for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th professional. They therefore feel less scarcity and when it does flare up again, the solution is just one phone call away. It’s that simple.

Want to know more about our Young Professional RPA Program? Contact Steven Glas, team Intelligent Process Automation
+31 6 13 90 72 08


Steven Glas

Want to know more? Contact Steven Glas.
+31 6 13 90 72 08


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