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Is your organization interested in implementing a digital strategy? MvR Digital Workforce helps you out. How? By a practical application of tools such as AI, RPA and Data. We advise, develop and deliver ready-to-use digital assistants as a service.

Our team of professionals combine their enthusiasm for technology with innovation and a customer-oriented approach. This unique combination has proven successful for numerous clients. And with this hybrid of robot process automation technology, process innovation and high-level consultancy skills we realize the digital transformation goals of our clients.

Our focus is end to end and always intelligent. With a suite of services and skills, starting with RPA development, including maintenance and support, and continuing through to cutting AI delivery tools, process mining and hybrid automation strategies. Our team is able to scale from enterprise level strategic consultancy through to singular process solutions utilizing our unique cloud Robot-as-a-Service platform (NEN and ISO certified) named Pleunz.

What to expect from us?

We understand there will be an impact on your employees and processes. We therefore offer our support with a range of services. In our kick-offs we start by determining which development goals are feasible. And what is needed to achieve them. Naturally, we emphasize the collaboration between humans and digital assistants.
A selection of the options should you choose to work with us:

  • We run pilots and show you how RPA can help your organization.
  • We guide the transition from Pilot to Centre of excellence and show you how to create and manage your own robot.
  • We advise on issues related to ICT infrastructure, RPA and cloud. For example, regarding licenses and security in a scalable infrastructure when upscaling your robots.
  • We train and coach your employees to take on various roles that are needed to properly implement and secure RPA.
  • We have RPA developers and complete teams work on-site, sometimes with an option to stay permanently.
  • We train your robot by using AI. For example, for document recognition anonymization, pseudonymization and many other smart applications.
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Advice / Consultancy

Our consultants are very well equipped to transfer your business goals into concrete plans and to help you put them into effect. We combine your business goals, co-workers, available technology and data in order to achieve the best practical solutions.

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Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

IPA builds upon RPA combined with artificial intelligence (AI). IPA not just copies tasks done by human beings. In the course of time, it also learns to improve them. Therefore, one type of technology does not exclude the other. Different types of technology can work together to optimize business processes.

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Digital assistant | Cloud

We deliver digital assistants as a service. As a result, many common processes can be reused in most common applications. We keep our prices for development as low as possible, by using as many standard and pre-programmed processes as possible.


Are you ready for a digital transition?

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