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Order-entry and handling

Order-entry and handling

A global company recently asked us to fulfill an austerity target. The main condition…? It had to be done on short notice. On Thursday they requested a proposal. On the same day a team of 4 experienced RPA Consultants and Developers was set up and the order was placed on Monday.

Our 4 consultants collected 20 promising processes, impacted them and made a business case in just a few weeks. Based on this, the company then ordered 7 processes to be transferred to a “digital employee” and put into production. Parallel to building and developing these processes, we also prepared a scalable ICT - RPA infrastructural advice and prepared the organization for managing these processes after implementation. All digital employees have now been taken into production and are being managed now. And our customer is informed about the functioning of the digital employees.

Because of our well-trained consultants and our way of working, we are able to set up teams in the short term that, regardless of their composition, work well together and operate at the speed of light. In this case in several countries (IT, Client and Business in 3 countries), in English and with a clear focus and deadline. Due to Covid we have carried out the assignment remotely.

Do you recognize these manual, repetitive processes? And are you interested in having your own digital assistant? Our digital assistants are scalable and flexible, reliable and trustworthy. They run on an ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified platform and come at a fixed and attractive monthly rate.

Want to know more? Contact Marcel Dekker:
+31 6 30 48 23 63


Marcel Dekker

Want to know more? Contact Marcel Dekker.
+31 6 30 48 23 63


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