Two new customer cases

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We have published two interested cases for our followers on our website. 

The first one is about the Radboud UMC hospital in Amsterdam: this hospital has many supportive care processes. The administrative burden involved is considerable: a large number of messages go back and forth, and important information has to be exchanged. We used Vecozo to support this process: Vecozo is a portal for digital message exchange in healthcare. It is intended for care providers, health insurers, care offices, municipalities and other chain parties that are involved. 

The second case is about the Power Automate-training for the Dutch Drugstore Service (DA): we have taught a number of employees skills in Microsoft Power Automate in three half-days, so they are able to develop business solutions on their own. This is to increase the self-reliance of DA's own employees. Please take a look on our customercases' page to read more about those cases and get inspired!