The benefits of digital employees

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Technological developments have gained momentum in recent years. Because more and more processes are running digitally, it is hard to imagine life without digital employees. With digital assistants, organizations are looking for efficiency, cost savings, increased data quality and increased self-reliance of the user organization.

During the pandemic years, it has become apparent that the deployment of RPA can be excellently implemented remotely. After the digital nomads appeared, highly skilled professionals who could do their work all over the world, digital employees have also made their appearance and have been created and deployed remotely. They work just like their human colleagues, and are managed remotely.

The digital employees are deployed, for example, to handle financial processes, purchases and sales, stock management and onboarding of employees and customers. Processes that are characterized by a high volume and predictability or processes that always have to be performed 24/7 or periodically. The unlimited scalability makes digital employees available for companies that are growing rapidly in multiple countries or continents and where onboarding of new employees is too cumbersome or not cost-effective. But digital employees can also be quickly adapted to local differences in procedures or systems. Thus, customization is always possible.

In order to unburden our customers as much as possible, we often work on the basis of Robot-as-a-Service, so that customers can still use automated solutions with minimal IT deployment as an alternative to hiring extra people in different time zones. Performing safely on our ISO and NEN certified platform, fully managed by our team from the Netherlands.

We monitor the deployment of the digital employees for you, so that you can be sure that all processes are carried out on a daily basis. And in the event of disruptions or adjustments to the systems, you are up and running again in no time thanks to our managing team. But should you want your own licenses, that is of course also possible.

MvR Digital Workforce creates and manages digital employees for numerous international clients with a team of Dutch- and English-speaking consultants. For customers active in e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, telecom, retail, media and transport and logistics. But also for a large number of government companies, educational institutions and hospitals. If you would like to know more about the deployment of digital employees, please contact us for an introduction without any obligations.

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