Interview with our CDO on Rocking Robots

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'AI and RPA will be the game changers in the near future', Marco van der Hoeven, chiefeditor of Rocking Robots sat down with our CDO, Frank Mester of MvR Digital Workforce to discuss the often overlooked strategic dimension of digital employees. 

Objectives in companies are often financial in nature; the implementation of savings in business operations and the attainment of cost-cutting targets are often the reason for starting RPA. The success of RPA is then measured primarily in terms of savings. 

In Mester's view, it is a 'classic' issue of digital transformation: 'Organisations start with a technological innovation, see that it works, but ultimately it becomes a game changer only if it supports the strategic goals of a company. And this works only if you also get the management on board with the changes and thus have a clear goal for the deployment of RPA and create support within the organisation. If the full potential to RPA is to be utilised and embedded in the organisation, it will have to contribute visibly to the strategic objectives of the organisation. And that opportunity is there, is becoming increasingly apparent. 

You can read the whole interview here

The interview is also available in Dutch