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Softbot Awards 2022 Celebrate Automation

Last week the City of Amsterdam received the 2022 Softbot Award for their innovative use of RPA. This award celebrates innovation in automation, with a broad spectrum of use cases from both public and private sector.  “A few years ago, RPA was mainly seen as a technology with which organizations started experimenting on a small scale. Now we see that we are in discussion at board level about organizing organizations differently with intelligent process automation.”

Interview with our CDO on Rocking Robots

'AI and RPA will be the game changers in the near future', Marco van der Hoeven, chiefeditor of...

Two new customer cases

We have published two interested cases for our followers on our website. 

Robotizing processes at the City of Amsterdam

For our English readers, we published a customer case about the city of Amsterdam. 

The benefits of digital employees

Technological developments have gained momentum in recent years. Because more and more processes...

MvR Digital Workforce ready for a launch into the future

MvR Digital Workforce and Pleunz Digital Workforce Solutions announced today they decided to join...