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RPA has boomed in recent years. Many larger organizations have chosen to hire external teams, nearshore or offshore solutions or hire self-employed workers as needed. What we see with some regularity is that over time a rethinking takes place. Sometimes from their own need to develop more efficiently, but sometimes also enforced by external factors, for example from auditing, questions of privacy and security or business continuity.

MvR has had the privilege of advising several larger organizations at this stage in recent years. Central to this is strengthening the client’s RPA mandate, making choices regarding organization, introducing or honing a way of working, and coaching and mentoring RPA teams.

For example, we help with an assessment of the technical RPA environment and requirements to meet internal and external IT and IV policies. And with discussions with the IT department about making changes. But also with introducing a rigid way of working that can improve the interplay between business, RPA client and internal and external construction teams. And concrete review of the various steps in the process to gain a better view of performance, quality and outcome.

Finally, RPA is only the beginning. Organizations that start with RPA then choose to deploy other and new technology, and we help clients with that as well. Proof of Concepts with Process Mining, deploying Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, as well as deploying additional tooling for dashboarding or small robotics in the form of MS Power Apps.

If you need to rethink and sharpen your RPA strategy or would like a second opinion, we would be happy to help.

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